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    Goal Zero APP Extension Cable - 15 ft.

    Charge your solar panel in the sun while chill in the shade with this Goal Zero APP extension cable. It lengthens the charging cable on the Goal Zero Boulder 200 briefcase by 15 ft.


    Goal Zero 8mm Input Extension Cable - 15 ft.

    Connect your solar panels to each other or hook one up to your Goal Zero Yeti power station (sold separately) with this 8mm Input 15 ft. extension cable-a rugged 16-gauge extension cord.


    Deltran BT 25 Foot Extension Cable 4 Pack

    25 ft. Extension Lead for use to extend the length of the charger's reach from input to battery. Extend your range of charging from the normal 12 ft. to up to 37 ft. You can leave your snowmobile, bike, ATV or personal watercraft where you normally do...