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The Best Monocular For Hunting & Bugging Out When SHTF! This surprisingly lightweight monocular is by far the best monocular you can have with you in your camping gear and bug out bag! Not only does this survivalist gear allow you to easily see deer across a field on a hunting trip, or intruders entering into your bug out hiding spot (or even bears heading into your campsite for a snack), but it also comes with dependable survival supplies like a durable carrying pouch (with a super strong strap for easy portability), as well as a super soft lens cloth to keep your monocular performing at its best. Plus, this waterproof monocular is so durable it can easily stand up to the abuse you put it through in a camping/hunting/SHTF situation. Whether you're heading out for entertainment or for survival, you won't want to go without this compact monocular. Get a few of these awesome survival tools from our online survival store and add them to your camping gear and bug out bag today! BlackWave Carson Monocular Features: Easily See Anything Coming Your Way: With a magnification of 10x this survival gear allows you to easily see any wanderers coming into your bug out site (or any deer heading into your line of sight), making it the perfect survival tool for camping, hunting or SHTF situations. Completely Waterproof Monocular: You'll love how this waterproof monocular stands up to rushing creeks and rivers as you continue along the hiking trail or as you cross your hunting terrain. This is one of the best pieces of prepper gear you can have with you for repelling water. Incredibly Lightweight and Compact: This super lightweight monocular weighs only 4.4 oz. allowing you to carry it in your bug out bag or camping gear with ease. Plus, at only 4 x 1/4 x 1.4 in. you could easily fit this prepper gear in your pocket! Super Durable: This compact monocular is surprisingly durable, as it perseveres through the drops and abuse during a hunting/camping/bug out trip. Includes Awesome Survival Accessories: With awesome survival supplies like a super sturdy carrying pouch (with durable straps) and a soft lens cloth, you can make sure your compact monocular stays looking and performing its best for years to come. BlackWave Carson Monocular Specs: Carson Monocular Magnification: 10x Carson Monocular Prism Type: 10x Carson Monocular Field of View: 273 ft. at 1000 yards Carson Monocular Weight (By Itself): 4.3 oz. Carson Monocular Weight (In Carrying Case): 5.1 oz. Carson Monocular Dimensions: 4 x 1/4 x 1.4 in. Carson Monocular Survival Supplies: Sturdy carrying pouch, durable carrying strap, soft lens cloth When it comes to durable, effective and efficient survival tools, you can't do much better than this incredibly compact and lightweight monocular. With its astounding magnification, compact yet durable build, and waterproof exterior, this is one of the smallest and most efficient pieces of survivalist gear we have in our online survival store. Plus, with its awesome survival gear accessories (super durable case w/strap and lens cleaning cloth), you know this survivalist gear is going to last you for years. This is one of the newest pieces of prepper gear to our online survival store, which means we're going to sell out FAST once our customers hear we have it! Add a few to your bug out bag and hunting/camping gear now before SHTF! Blackwave Monocular By Carson. Low Price Guarantee - 6 Month Any Reason Refund Guarantee - On Time Shipping - Best Customer Service

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