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UCO 4-Piece Mess Kit

Made from durable materials, this UCO 4-piece mess kit is built to bang around in your rucksack on the weekend, then pack your lunch on Monday morning.


UCO 6-Piece Mess Kit

Made from ultra-durable materials, the UCO 6-Piece Mess Kit is built to bang around in your rucksack on the weekends and pack your lunch in on Monday mornings.


UCO Camp Cup

The UCO Camp Cup is a compact drinking vessel designed for adventure. It works great for piping hot coffee, ice cold water from the spring and everything in between.


UCO Candle Lantern Beeswax Candles - Package of 3

These replacement, dripless candles are made from natural beeswax, offering a long burn time, pleasant aroma and less smoke.


UCO Candle Lantern Candles

These dripless candles can be used in candle lanterns and for emergency lighting.


UCO Candle Lantern Glass

Use this replacement glass cylinder for any of the UCO Original candle lanterns.


UCO Candlelier Replacement Glass

If the glass on your UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern cracks, never fear. Swap in the UCO Candlelier Replacement Glass and your lantern will be good as new.


UCO Leschi Lantern

Compact, lightweight and collapsible, the UCO Leschi lantern offers highly water-resistant LED performance to light up your camping and backpacking adventures after the sun goes down.


UCO Long-Burn Matches

Uco Long-Burn matches burn 5 times longer than most regular matches to make lighting stoves, lanterns, campfires and candles easy.

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UCO Match Case

The UCO match case is a durable, waterproof container that floats while keeping the contents dry and protected.