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Swiss Army RangerGrip 79 Pocket Knife

With an ergonomic, rubber-inlaid handle, the multi-implement RangerGrip 79 is the ultimate single-hand-opening, locking-blade pocket knife.


Swiss Army Skipper Pro Knife

Like a ship's crew in the palm of your hand, the Swiss Army Skipper Pro knife is ready to tackle knotty problems and stubborn shackles. Its versatile mix of tools includes a lockable marlinespike.


Swiss Army Spartan Knife

This compact pocket knife with two blades and other tools folds to 3.58 inches--perfect for slipping into your pocket or attaching to your key chain.


Swiss Army Super Tinker Swiss Army Knife

A super knife for tinkering about, this pocket knife features large and small blades and a host of other handy tools for any project.


Swiss Army Tinker

This pocket knife features two cutting blades, bottle opener with flat-head screwdriver, wire stripper, tweezers and toothpick.