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Solight Helix Collapsible Solar Lantern

Bring bright, frosted light wherever you go with the Solight Helix collapsible solar lantern. A sleek, twist-open design and light weight make it an ideal travel companion for any adventure.


Solight Helix Merlin Portable Collapsible Solar Lantern

Outdoor dinners, pool parties and campsites get a festive boost from the Solight Helix Merlin Portable Collapsible solar lantern. Prepare for some "ooh" and "ahh" with one color or the whole rainbow.


Solight SolarPuff Collapsible Solar Lantern

Get an ambient, golden glow in a small, portable package. The origami-inspired Solight SolarPuff collapsible solar lantern brightens up the poolside, campsite and more.


Solight SolarPuff Merlin Multicolor Portable Collapsible Solar Lantern

Splash some color on your campsite, patio and pool deck with the Solight SolarPuff(TM) Merlin Portable Collapsible solar lantern. Pick one of 6 colors or cycle through them all for a festive glow.


Solight Twilight Collapsible Solar Lantern

Packing lots of light into a tiny package, the Solight Twilight portable, collapsible solar lantern serves many purposes. Use it as a camp lantern, reading light or flashing SOS in case of emergency.