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SOG Ace Knife

For tasks like whittling fire-starter strips, batoning wood for kindling, trap setting to snag your dinner or crafting a shelter, the SOG Ace knife is a solid choice that's up to the tasks.


SOG ParaShears

A focused multi-tool designed for first responders, the SOG ParaShears feature a 12-piece, mission-specific tool set and the ability to cut through material easier and quicker than equivalent shears.


SOG PowerPlay Multi-Tool with Hex Bit Kit

Combining often-used tool components into a pocket-size package, the compact SOG PowerPlay multi-tool with hex bit kit includes 18 tools and is comfortable to use.


SOG Snippet Scissors Multi-Tool

With an efficient, well-rounded toolset and a pair of sharp scissors, the minimalist SOG Snippet Scissors multi-tool easily fits in your pocket so you can take it wherever you go.


SOG Spec Arc Knife

Designed for multipurpose use, the SOG Spec Arc knife features a subdued design with a VG-10 blade, Arc-Lock for smooth operation and strong lockup and GRN handle with stainless-steel liners.


SOG Twitch II Knife

Looking at the intricate construction of the SOG Twitch II knife might remind you of the workings in a fine chronograph watch-everything right and precisely in its place.


SOG Ultra C-Ti Cash Card Knife

Part money clip, part folding knife and all SOG, the SOG Ultra C-Ti Cash Card knife is a lightweight, versatile folder that fits easily in the small watch pocket of your jeans.