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SOG Dark Energy 120A Flashlight

Pierce the darkest nights and light up the treetops with the SOG Dark Energy 120A flashlight. You'll be dazzled by its power when you switch on 128 lumens in the palm of your hand.


SOG FastHawk Axe

A small and lightweight tomahawk for chopping and throwing, the SOG FastHawk features a stainless steel head and compact size that's easy to take along for an off-the-grid adventure.


SOG Ketron Keychain Knife

Ideal for those who need a folder on the go, the SOG Ketron Keychain knife fits right in with everything on your keyring for easy access anytime and anywhere.


SOG Micro ToolClip Multitool

At only 3.9 in. in length, the SOG Micro ToolClip multitool has essential, everyday tools for clipping thin wires, driving screws, opening bottles and performing general cutting duties.


SOG PowerLitre Multi-Tool

Ideal for use in the gear garage or when you're checking tasks off the to-do list, the SOG PowerLitre multi-tool has 17 tools including a corkscrew, screwdriver, wire cutters and needle-nose pliers.


SOG PowerPint Multi-Tool

Perfect for camping and tackling home repairs, the SOG PowerPint multi-tool comes equipped with 18 tools including serrated and straightedge blades and a small flat and Phillips-head screwdriver.


SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete

An incredibly useful edged tool, the SOG SOGfari Kukri machete helps you clear brush, blaze trails, chop wood, make shelters, harvest crops, prepare meals, hunt and protect.


SOG Terminus XR Fine-Edged Knife

A modern EDC (Everyday Carry) knife, the SOG Terminus XR fine-edged knife has a slick form factor and 3 different ways to open it for excellent versatility.