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SOG Aegis FLK Fine-Edge Knife

An everyday folder that's up for any cutting task, the SOG Aegis FLK fine-edge knife features a secure frame-lock mechanism and a trusty, stone-washed blade.


SOG Backcountry Axe with Handle Saw

It's called the SOG Backcountry Axe for a reason-many reasons actually-but the baddest (best) of them all is the saw hidden in the handle, featuring an auto-deploying hand guard.


SOG Baton Q1 Multi-Tool

Designed for practical, daily use, the SOG Baton Q1 multi-tool houses an assortment of handy tools needed in work and play. It's also travel-friendly, so you don't have to leave it behind on a trip.


SOG Baton Q2 Multi-Tool

Designed to be both essential and minimalist, the SOG Baton Q2 multi-tool includes tools you use on a daily basis and often find yourself without, including a bottle opener and a flashlight.


SOG Baton Q4 Multi-Tool

Beyond a backwoods survivalist unit, the SOG Baton Q4 multi-tool provides modern lifestyle essentials and is ready to assist with everyday demands, urban adventures and emergency situations alike.


SOG Camp Axe

Designed for hammering and chopping, this compact axe makes a great outdoor tool. Keep the SOG Camp axe by your side for starting fires, clearing campsites and hammering tent stakes.


SOG Credit Card Companion Multitool with Lens/Compass

So light and slim that you'll barely know you have it yet amazingly useful when you need it, the SOG Credit Card Companion with lens/compass is an innovative multitool for travel both on and off-road.


SOG FastHawk Hatchet

Chopping, breaking, cutting, hammering, piercing, digging, prying, pounding, shaving, notching, opening and throwing-all are capabilities well within reach for the SOG FastHawk hatchet.


SOG Hand Axe

Performing well as a wilderness backpack essential as well as a camp, truck and emergency preparedness tool, the SOG hand axe (aka SHAX) offers a simple and genuine utilitarian design.


SOG Key Knife Tool

With a lock-back design and a key-shaped handle, the SOG Key Knife tool is a discreet and convenient way to ensure you always have a small blade handy when you need it.