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SOG Ace Knife

For tasks like whittling fire-starter strips, batoning wood for kindling, trap setting to snag your dinner or crafting a shelter, the SOG Ace knife is a solid choice that's up to the tasks.


SOG Aegis FLK Fine-Edge Knife

An everyday folder that's up for any cutting task, the SOG Aegis FLK fine-edge knife features a secure frame-lock mechanism and a trusty, stone-washed blade.


SOG Cash Card Knife

Simple, lightweight and compact, the SOG Cash Card knife merges a money clip with an easy-open blade in a durable, minimalist design to give you max versatility as an everyday pocketknife.


SOG Cash Card Knife - Moss

Simple, light and compact, SOG Cash Card knife combines a money clip with an easy-open blade in a durable, minimalist design to give you maximum versatility as an everyday pocketknife.


SOG Micro ToolClip Multitool

At only 3.9 in. in length, the SOG Micro ToolClip multitool has essential, everyday tools for clipping thin wires, driving screws, opening bottles and performing general cutting duties.


SOG ParaShears

A focused multi-tool designed for first responders, the SOG ParaShears feature a 12-piece, mission-specific tool set and the ability to cut through material easier and quicker than equivalent shears.


SOG PowerPlay Multi-Tool

Compact, comfortable and feature-rich, the SOG PowerPlay multi-tool brings many often-used tool components into a small, pocketable package.


SOG Snippet Scissors Multi-Tool

With an efficient, well-rounded toolset and a pair of sharp scissors, the minimalist SOG Snippet Scissors multi-tool easily fits in your pocket so you can take it wherever you go.


SOG Spec Arc Knife

Designed for multipurpose use, the SOG Spec Arc knife features a subdued design with a VG-10 blade, Arc-Lock for smooth operation and strong lockup and GRN handle with stainless-steel liners.


SOG Targa Folding Knife - Satin

Taking advantage of some of the greatest SOG design features, the all stainless-steel SOG Targa satin knife is a slim but solidly built folding knife with a big punch and outstanding edge retention.