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Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cookset

Whip up gourmet meals in the backcountry! The Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact cookset is perfect for the minimalist looking to shave weight without limiting the menu.


Snow Peak Titanium Plate

Be civilized and eat off a plate in the backcountry--this titanium plate weighs only 2 ounces, making your hiking time between meals less painful.


Snow Peak Titanium Silverware - 2 Piece

Make backcountry meals a little more sophisticated with Snow Peak Titanium Silverware. This 2-piece cutlery set includes a fork, spoon, and compact canvas case.


Snow Peak Titanium Single 450 Cup

Upgrade your camping cookware with the Snow Peak Titanium Single 450 Cup. Single-walled titanium construction lets you reheat or boil beverages right in your cup while keeping your pack weight down.


Snow Peak Titanium Spork

What do you get when you cross a lightweight titanium spoon with a lightweight titanium fork? The ultimate eating utensil for your backpacking adventures-a Snow Peak titanium spork.


Snow Peak Titanium Spork - Colored

Choose your favorite color and chow down! Capable of twirling pasta and scooping hot soup, the 0.6-oz. Snow Peak Titanium Spork is the ultimate eating utensil for lightweight backpacking adventures.


Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug

Is it a pot, a mug or a bowl? It's all three! Behold the ultralight, all-in-one, cook-and-eat vessel for solo adventurers!


Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium Cookset

Looking for a quick way to shed some weight from your pack for light and fast adventures? Replacing your clunky pot with the Snow Peak Trek 1400 titanium cookset is a good place to start.


Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Cookset

Switch to the Snow Peak Trek 900 cookset and you'll shed a few pounds from your pack weight, making those long-distance endurance treks a bit easier.


Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks

Featuring elegant bamboo tips and squared-off stainless-steel handles, the collapsible Snow Peak Wabuki chopsticks will last you a lifetime of sushi and ramen.