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Explorer 203 Compass

Explorer 203 Compass

Find the right path with the Silva Explorer 203 Compass. This compass features a built-in magnifier and 1/10 mile scales for USGS 1:24,000 and 1:62,500 maps so you can get the most out of your maps. The Explorer 203 also includes a lanyard for easy carrying....


Ranger CL Compass

Ranger CL Compass

Find your way with the Silva Ranger CL Compass. This compass features 2 graduations, a sighting mirror, and etched sighting line. The Ranger CL Compass also has a map scale and magnifier for great map compatibility. PRODUCT FEATURES: 0 - 360 dial 2 graduations...


Silva Explore 3 Headlamp

With Intelligent Light(R) optimized light distribution, a generous 55 hr. burn time and multiple attachment options, the waterproof Silva Explore 3 headlamp keeps your adventures illuminated.


Silva Explore 3X Headlamp

The perfect companion during outdoor activities on land as well as water, the Silva Explore 3X headlamp features Intelligent Light(R). Plus, it's rechargeable, lightweight and fully waterproof.


Silva Scout Headlamp

Made for hiking and camping, the Silva Scout headlamp offers a full 220 lumens of brightness, an improved battery lid that's easy to operate, and a smooth adjustment of the lamp's vertical angle.


Silva Trail Runner 4 Headlamp

For running enthusiasts of all levels, the Silva Trail Runner 4 headlamp with Intelligent Light(R) is easy to use and will light up your trail or path without weighing you down.


Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra Headlamp

Designed for long-haul running enthusiasts and competitors, the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra headlamp lights up the night with a wide beam, anti-slip headband, dual battery packs and 350-lumen output.


Silva Trail Runner 4X Headlamp

Optimized for dedicated trail runners and enthusiasts, the lightweight, easy-to-use Silva Trail Runner 4X headlamp has an anti-slip headband, rechargeable battery pack and 350-lumen light output.


Trekker 420 Compass

Trekker 420 Compass

Whether you're traveling through a new area or hitting the same old trail, you'll always want to have Silva's Trekker Compass on your side. With a tough construction, sighting mirror, and a red orientating arrow, this compass has everything that you need...