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SILKY Bigboy 2000 Folding Saw

The Silky Bigboy 2000 folding saw cuts through both green and dry wood with ease thanks to its 14.2 in. curved blade and 2-handed, rubber-cushioned handle.


SILKY F180 Folding Hand Saw

The Silky F180 folding hand saw is the ideal portable saw for campfire wood and on-the-go trail work. It conveniently locks at two different angles to adapt to any situation.


SILKY Gomboy Curve Folding Hand Saw

The Silky Gomboy Curve folding hand saw is perfect for general pruning, camping, backpacking and trail building. It's so handy you'll want to have it around for daily projects and evening campfires.


SILKY NATA Professional Machete

Often referred to as the Hachete for its hatchet-meets-machete style, the SILKY NATA Professional machete meets most chopping needs with serious performance and a secure, comfortable grip.


SILKY ZUBAT Pro Large Teeth Saw

Trusted by professional arborists for its fast-cutting, long-lasting dependability, the SILKY ZUBAT Pro Large Teeth saw is a must-have for getting the job done 100 feet up in the canopy.