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Princeton Tec 3.5 Amp Flashlight

Princeton Tec 3.5 Amp Flashlight

The Amp 3.5 uses a rugged and lightweight thermoplastic body, overmolded for an ergonomic positive grip. Equipped with a powerful 100 lumen spot beam the Amp 3.5 shines up to 75 meters in high output mode. Key the power button again to switch to the power...


Princeton Tec AMP 1L Flashlight with Bottle Opener and Cone

Waterproof to 100m, this handheld light is always at the ready-rain or shine. The tiny Princeton Tec AMP 1L flashlight with bottle opener and cone casts an impressive 90-lumen LED spot beam.


Princeton Tec Amp 1L Flashlight With Cone

Princeton Tec Amp 1L Flashlight With Cone

The tiny Amp 1L packs an impressive spot beam. Waterproof to 100M (330 ft.) and equipped with a large carabiner loop, this handheld light is ready for any condition and easy to clip onto gear. The Amp 1L comes with a snap-on translucent cone to turn it...


Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp

Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Headlamp

The Apex Extreme is taking cold weather explorers, cyclists, climbers, and backpackers to new heights. The Apex Extreme provides the same ability and power as the original Apex, but stores its batteries in a remote compartment that can be clipped close...


Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp

The brightest headlamp in the Princeton Tec professional series, the Princeton Tec Alpha waterproof headlamp has been a favorite of cavers, mountaineers and extreme outdoor enthusiasts for years.


Princeton Tec Axis Headlamp

The Princeton Tec Axis headlamp packs a wide range of functionality into a single design. Switch from spot to flood to red modes, with full dimmability for each beam.


Princeton Tec Axis Rechargeable Headlamp

The Princeton Tec Axis Rechargeable headlamp flexes to your lighting needs. Its spot, flood and red modes are all fully dimmable.


Princeton Tec Bot Headlamp

Small, simple and ready for outdoor family adventures, this dual LED Bot headlamp lights the way for little ones, helping them keep up on early evening walks and navigate safely around campsites.


Princeton Tec Fuel 4 LED Headlamp

A bright and powerful companion on your backcountry adventures, the compact Princeton Tec Fuel 4 LED headlamp uses 4 LEDs to blast a bright white beam to light your way in the dark.


Princeton Tec Genesis Flashlight

Princeton Tec Genesis Flashlight

This slim metal light is small enough to carry anywhere while you are underwater, yet it packs a 650-lumen LED, making it bright enough to use as a primary source. Tap the recessed power button to access high, low, and SOS modes, and notice the switch...