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Primus Aeril Campfire Grill

A multifunctional and durable accessory that allows you to cook over an open fire, the Primus Aeril campfire grill features stainless-steel construction, sturdy folding legs and a solid design.


Primus Campfire Cookset

Made with durable 18/8 stainless steel, the Primus Campfire Cookset has everything you need to cook a meal. The two cook pots include convenient colander lids for straining pasta and vegetables.


Primus Campfire Knife-Small

Primus Campfire Knife-Small

Primus Camp & Hike Campfire Knife-Large P738009. This Chef Knife features an oak handle and a flexible stainless steel blade that is good for filleting.


Primus Campfire Plate

The Primus Campfire Plate is made of durable, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and has high sides to keep your food on your plate, even if it's balancing on your knees as you sit around the fire.


Primus Campfire Pot - 3 Liter

Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, the 3-liter Primus Campfire Pot has a metal foldaway handle and metal lid so you can use it over an open fire.


Primus Essential Trail Stove

A backpacking essential for novices and experienced outdoor cooks alike, the Primus Essential Trail stove offers precise flame control. No folding parts means it's always ready to use.


Primus Eta Lite Stove System

Boil water and cook 1-pot meals quickly and efficiently with the Primus Eta Lite stove system. The pot attaches to the stove burner for stable performance and convenience on backpacking trips.


Primus Fieldchef Knife, Black

Primus Fieldchef Knife, Black

Primus Camp & Hike Fieldchef Knife Black P740410. FieldChef Knife is a versatile knife for outdoor use designed for all types of outdoor cooking. The knife has a 12 cm long full tang blade in stainless steel and a durable plastic handle with a good grip....


Primus Fieldchef Pocket Knife - Black

Primus Fieldchef Pocket Knife - Black

Primus Camp & Hike Fieldchef Pocket Knife - Black P740440. The compact design means that it takes up very little space in your pocket or bag.The knife has a design that locks the blade in open and closed position and a safe blade lock that ensures a comfortable...


Primus Ignition Steel Fire Starter - Large

With a weather-resistant design that performs reliably in the rain or snow, the large Primus Ignition Steel fire starter helps you get a blaze going or light your stove in all kinds of conditions.