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Actik Core Headlamp

Petzl's Actik Core Headlamp delivers up to 350 lumens of penetrating white light to cut through the darkness or red light to preserve nightvision. It also boasts two beam patterns (wide and mixed) and three lighting modes (proximity, rapid movement and...


Actik Headlamp

Offering 300 lumens and multiple light modes, the powerful Petzl Actik headlamp is ideal for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, running and hiking.


Antisnow Leopard FL

The Petzl Antisnow Leopard features an original construction. Made of durable polymer, this is a flexible high-performance anti-bott system that limits snow buildup under the crampons in any snow conditions.


Asymmetric Linking Bar (pr)

Durable and rigid, Petzl Asymmetric Linking Bars maintain crampon curvature with any size asymmetric boot and are able to withstand the rigors of mixed climbing.


Barrette Linking Bar PR

The Petzl Barrette Linking Bars are replacement linking bars for sizes 41 to 50. Adjustable to the half size.


Bindi Headlamp

Ultra-lightweight at 35g, the Petzl Bindi headlamp fits in the palm of your hand. With 200 lumens of power, it's ideal for everyday activities and for regular training in the city, in the mountains or on the sea. Charged directly via USB cable, the thin...


Cord-Tec Replacement Cord

The Petzl Cord-Tec Replacement is a replacement cord for the flexible linking system on Leopard LLF, Leopard FL and Irvis Hybrid crampons. Also allows these crampons to fit very large shoe sizes.


Dart Crampon

The Petzl DART Crampons are ideal for extreme mixed and ice climbing. The mono-point is designed to displace less ice and make for precise placements on micro-edges. The third row of points is angled towards the rear for hooking in steep terrain or around


Dartwin Crampon

The Petzl DARTWIN Crampon is a dual-point crampon for ice and mixed climbing. A version of the DART for those who prefer the added stability and holding power of two front points.


E+Lite 2 Headlamp

Ultralight, waterproof and very compact, the 50-lumen Petzl E+Lite 2 headlamp is ideal for the emergency kits in your home and car. You have those, right?