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Patagonia Mussels

Cultivated in the calm, clear waters of Galicia, Spain, Patagonia Provisions Mussels are responsibly harvested from family-owned bateas, then promptly steamed, seasoned and sealed for freshest flavor.


Patagonia Organic Cacao + Mango Bar

For an extra boost of quick energy on the trail, reach for the crunchy, chewy and sweet Patagonia Provisions Organic Cacao + Mango Bar, conveniently grab-and-go sized for the pocket or pack.


Patagonia Organic Chile Mango

Sweet meets subtle heat in every chewy bite of Patagonia Provisions Organic Chile Mango, boosting your energy with peeled and dried organic mango slices dusted in organic chili powder.


Patagonia Provisions 2-Day Camp Meal Kit For 2

Pack all the provisions for you and another to eat for 2 days in the backcountry with the Patagonia Provisions Camp Meal Kit, filled with nutrient-rich meals and snacks to prepare in under 10 minutes.


Patagonia Provisions Atlantic Mackerel - Package of 3

A great staple for the pantry or source of nourishment out on the trail, this 3-pack sampler of Patagonia Provisions Atlantic Mackerel includes Lemon Caper, Roasted Garlic and Spanish Paprika flavors.


Patagonia Provisions Fruit + Almond Bar

Each Patagonia Provisions Fruit + Almond Bar is a chunky, chewy, delicious way to get instant natural energy plus the extra nutritional benefits of chia and baobab.


Patagonia Provisions Mussels - Package of 3

Lightly seasoned and packed in organic olive oil, the Patagonia Provisions Mussels in this 3-pack are fully cooked, edible right out of the can and shelf stable until opened.


Patagonia Provisions Organic Aji Molido Ground Chile

Add a little kick and a lot of flavor to grilled meat, soup and more with Patagonia Provisions Organic Aji Molido Ground Chile. This smoky-fruity chile is a fave of Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.


Patagonia Provisions Organic Black Bean Soup - 2 Servings

For a hearty taste of the Southwest in just 10 quick min., Patagonia Provisions Organic Black Bean Soup combines dehydrated, organic black beans, nutritious veggies and mouth-watering spices.


Patagonia Provisions Organic Black Bean Soup - Package of 6

There's nothing like a bowl of hot soup to restore energy and lift spirits. Patagonia Provisions Organic Black Bean Soup harnesses the power of legumes to make it easy to eat lower on the food chain.