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Crux w/ Terra Weekend HE Cookset

Crux w/ Terra Weekend HE Cookset

Make meal time as enjoyable as hiking time with the Crux w/ Terra Weekend HE Cookset from Optimus. With a 3 min boil time and its three piece versatility, you won't have to prep time or weight. PRODUCT FEATURES: Boil time: 3 min (1 liter) Weight: 2.92...


Optimus Crux Lite Stove

If you cut off your toothbrush handle to save weight, you'll appreciate the Optimus Crux Lite stove. It has all the performance of the regular Crux, but trims 11g by eliminating the folding mechanism.


Optimus Crux Lite Stove with Terra Solo Cook System

The Optimus Crux Lite stove and Terra Solo cook system are a tiny little bundle to help you escape the daily grind-including an ultralight, precision-simmering stove, pot, fry pan and mesh bag.


Optimus Crux Stove

Need a featherlight yet dependable backpacking stove? Look no further. The compact Optimus Crux stove is a tiny little beauty that snuggles right into the cavity at the bottom of your gas cartridge.


Optimus Elektra Fe Cooking System

Optimus Elektra Fe Cooking System

Fuel-efficient, high-performing, lightweight cooking system. Set includes: Optimus Crux Lite stove, Optimus Terra Weekend .95 L anodized aluminum pot set, clip-on windshield, and a handheld Piezo lighter. Efficient cook system provides 20% fuel savings,...


Optimus Elektra FE Cook System

Designed for fuel efficiency, the Optimus Elektra FE cook system is a lightweight set with nearly everything you need to make an open-air meal in the backcountry.


Optimus Optimus Fuel Bottle 0.4l

Optimus Optimus Fuel Bottle 0.4l

The Optimus Fuel Bottle provides campers with the best possible way to transport and fuel their camp stoves, thanks to the lightweight design of the company's transport container, made for storing all manner of liquid fuels. Available in 1- and 6-piece...


Optimus Optimus Fuel Bottle 0.6l

Optimus Optimus Fuel Bottle 0.6l

The Optimus Fuel Bottle ensures that hikers, hunters and campers have a ready-made fuel-storage solution that enables them to have a safe, secure method of powering their camp stoves in the middle of the wilderness, providing them with hot, ready-to-eat...


Optimus Sliding Long Spoon

The Optimus Sliding Long Spoon helps you keep your sleeves and wrists mess-free when you're scraping out those last tasty morsels from your freeze-dried dinner or snack pouch.


Optimus Terra Xpress HE Cookset

Cook backcountry breakfasts and campfire feasts with the help of the Optimus Terra Xpress HE Cookset, featuring Heat Exchanger technology to help you save fuel while cooking your masterpiece meal.