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NOMAD Battery Cable

Designed for your rugged life, the NOMAD Battery Cable is sheathed in ballistic nylon. With its portable battery, you can charge your iPhone(R) when you're near a power outlet or out of bounds.


NOMAD Battery Cable Gen 2

Designed to be the only charging device you need for everyday use, the NOMAD Battery Cable Gen 2 charges the iPhone X, iPhone 5 and every generation in between.


NOMAD Carabiner Lightning Cable

Keep your gadgets running when you're on the move with the NOMAD Carabiner Lightning cable. Clip the stainless-steel carabiner to your pack and never worry about going without a charging cable again.


NOMAD Lightning Cable

Are you a commuter who routinely runs their USB cords through the wringer? The NOMAD Lightning cable is made from military-grade nylon and delivers a dependable charge to a range of Apple devices.


NOMAD Universal Cable - 4.9 ft.

One cable to rule them all, the NOMAD Universal 1.5m cable comes with integrated multi-tip charging options to charge most any mobile device, working with iPhone(R), iPad(R) and Android devices.