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Mizu 360 Adventure Purifier Cartridge

With the Mizu 360 Adventure Purifier cartridge, the world is your fountain. That winding river over there? Yup. The frigid lake at the top? Easy. At just 1.4 oz., it keeps your pack light, too.


Mizu 360 V7 Adventure Kit Vacuum Water Purifier Bottle - 22 fl. oz.

Fill up at remote rivers and lakes with the 22 fl. oz. Mizu 360 V7 Adventure Kit. It includes a vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel bottle, along with a straw, flip-top lid and Adventure water purifier.


Mizu Texas Journey V8 Insulated Water Bottle - 26 fl. oz.

Go big or go home-unless home is Texas, in which case, have your cake and eat it too-then wash it down with your beverage of choice in the Mizu Texas Journey V8 insulated water bottle.