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LuminAID Packlite Firefly USB Lantern

Make your campsite feel like home with the warm, flickering glow of the LuminAID Packlite Firefly USB lantern. It recharges with a micro-USB cord or the sun's rays for easy use on or off the grid.


LuminAID PackLite Hero Lantern

A solar inflatable lantern, phone charger and backup battery all in one, the lightweight, inflatable and waterproof LuminAID PackLite Hero lantern packs flat for easy lighting and charging on the go.


LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger Lantern

Light up your campsite and provide a back-up battery charge to your devices when you are off the grid with the LuminAid PackLite Max phone charger lantern.


LuminAID PackLite Nova USB Solar Lantern

Use the sun's energy to light up the night with the inflatable LuminAID PackLite Nova USB solar lantern. Its lightweight and rugged design lets you enjoy bright white light no matter where you wander.


LuminAID PackLite Titan Lantern

A solar inflatable lantern and phone charger that packs flat for easy carry and charging on the go, the LuminAID PackLite Titan lantern is designed for rugged adventures and charging beyond the grid.