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IceMule Classic Cooler

The IceMule Classic Cooler combines the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler, making it one of easiest high-performance coolers to travel with.


IceMule Jaunt Cooler - 9 Liter

Keep drinks chilled to quench your post-run thirst or snacks handy after a day on the trails in the 9-liter IceMule Jaunt cooler. This 9-liter cooler is sleek and easy to carry to and from adventures.


IceMule Large Classic Cooler - 20 Liters

Hands-free and amazingly portable, the large IceMule Classic cooler holds 20 liters and keeps your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hrs.


IceMule Pro Cooler - 23 Liters

With a durable 1,000-denier exterior and ample insulation, the backpack-style IceMule Pro Cooler lets you enjoy fresh food and cold drinks on backcountry adventures and treks across town.


IceMule Pro Cooler - 33 Liters

Making a cool climate for tasty snacks and frosty beverages during backcountry adventures, music festivals and treks across town, the 33L IceMule Pro cooler lets you transport 24 cold cans, plus ice.


IceMule Small Classic Cooler - 10 Liters

The IceMule Small Classic cooler is a hands-free, utra-portable cooler that keeps your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hrs. The 10-liter capacity is the most portable size of IceMule Classic coolers.