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Hybridlight Atlas 600 Solar Camping Lantern

Light up your campsite or dinner under the stars with the Hybridlight Atlas 600 Solar Camping Lantern. Impact resistant, lightweight and waterproof, it's ready to go anywhere and light the way.


Hybridlight Hybrid Solar Headlamp

Durable and lightweight, the Headlamp from Hybridlight offers a 75-lumen beam and can recharge in sunlight with the included solar panel attachment or via micro USB cord.


Hybridlight Journey 300 Flashlight/Charger

The Hybridlight Journey 300 flashlight/charger not only provides a dependable, 300-lumen LED flashlight, but also doubles as a portable battery bank that charges your cell phone.


Hybridlight Puc 150 Expandable Lantern/Charger

Use the Hybridlight Puc 150 as a flashlight or expanded as a lantern. It recharges by solar energy or micro USB, and has a USB port to charge mobile devices, ensuring you won't be left in the dark.