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Helle Arv Knife

Handcrafted in Holmedal, Norway, using traditional methods, the Helle Arv knife is durably built to be a versatile, lifelong companion for all kinds cutting tasks on outdoor adventures or at home.


Helle Dokka Knife

With a classic all-purpose folding blade, the handmade Helle Dokka knife is named after the mountain behind the factory in Holmedal, Norway where Helle knives are carefully crafted.


Helle Eggen Knife

The epitome of a useful, all-around outdoor blade, the stout Helle Eggen knife is handmade in Holmedal, Norway. Its hunting-inspired drop-point blade is crafted of triple-laminated stainless steel.


Helle Trofe Knife

Embodying 85 years of history, tradition and true Scandinavian style, the Helle Trofe knife is handmade in Holmedal, Norway. It features a robust yet compact design with a fixed blade.