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Energy Flask

Energy Flask

The perfect match for Gu's 15 serving pouches, the Energy Flask lets you take a smaller portion along with you, without sacrificing your bodies needs. PRODUCT FEATURES: High-flow nozzle Holds 5-Servings of Energy Gel Includes marks on the back to measure...


GU Energy Chews

Get more energy while you're on the go with a GU Energy Chews pack. Each package has 2 servings that provide lasting energy for your adventures.


GU Energy Gel

Sustain all forms of athletic activity with the highly compact, portable, and calorie-dense GU Energy Gels. They are packed with carbohydrates that can be rapidly absorbed.


GU Energy Gel - 15 Servings

GU Energy Labs offers their proven Energy Gels in bulk to give athletes another way to fuel up during long activities. Get 15 servings of the original GU Energy Gel in a handy resealable pouch.


GU Energy Gel - Hoppy Trails

Sustain all of your athletic pursuits with the highly compact, portable and calorie-dense Hoppy Trails GU Energy Gel. It provides a boost of carbohydrates that can be rapidly absorbed on the move.


GU Energy Gel - Hoppy Trails 6-Pack with Kleen Kanteen Pint Glass

Sustain your athletic pursuits-and celebrate your accomplishments-with the help of this 6-pack of GU Hoppy Trails energy gels and the included Kleen Kanteen stainless-steel pint glass.


GU Energy Gel Multipack - Package of 24

A quick energy boost in a convenient, easily ingested form. Package of 24


GU Gluten-Free Stroopwafel

When you need to eat something in the morning before training, grab a GU Gluten-Free Stroopwafel-a Dutch-style syrup waffle cookie that acts like an Energy Gel but tastes like breakfast.


GU Grape Roctane Energy Drink Mix

GU Grape Roctane Energy Drink Mix

Created for high-intensity and demanding activity, GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix packs even more electrolytes and carbohydrates. The 250-calorie serving contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize...


GU Hydration Drink Tablets

Created primarily for hydration, GU Hydration Drink Tabs offer athletes a low-calorie drink option for before, during and after exercise.