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Louder than a bear bell, the FRONTIERSMAN bear horn blasts 115 decibels-it can be heard up to a half mile (805m) away. Periodic blasts warn bears in the area. It can also alert hikers if you're lost.


FRONTIERSMAN Dog Deterrent Spray with Keyring

Help stop dog attacks-while helping prevent injuries to yourself, your pet and the attacking dog-with the safe, easy to use, all-natural and effective Protector Dog Deterrent Spray with keyring.


FRONTIERSMAN Practice Bear Spray - 7.9 fl. oz.

By helping you gain muscle memory and confidence, the 7.9 fl. oz. FRONTIERSMAN Practice Bear Spray prepares you to protect yourself and your family during a high-stress bear encounter.


FRONTIERSMAN Runner Dog Deterrent Spray

Short-term, humane and convenient, FRONTIERSMAN Runner Dog Deterrent Spray helps stop dog attacks while helping prevent injuries to you or the attacking dog-now with a hand holster for runners.