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Dometic CFX 35W Powered Cooler

Solo adventurers and pairs can keep camp snacks and fireside dinners fresh in the Dometic CFX 35W powered cooler. A low profile and generous capacity make it an ideal companion on weekend adventures.


Dometic CFX 40W Powered Cooler

No ice needed. Plug in the Dometic CFX 40W powered cooler and you can keep a weekend's worth of food cold for a 2 people. Oh, you'd like ice? Set this unit to freeze and you can make some.


Dometic CFX50W Powered Cooler

For the solo overlanding enthusiast who doesn't want to compromise when it comes to cold, the Dometic CFX 50W powered cooler makes your SUV or van a little more civilized with true refrigeration.


Dometic CFX 65W Powered Cooler

The tallest model in the CFX series (more room in your trunk for gear!), the Dometic CFX 65W powered cooler is ideal for a group getaway; it'll keep your food cold with AC, DC or solar power.


Dometic CFX 75DZW Powered Cooler

Ice pops while camping? It's possible. Enjoy the comforts of your home kitchen with the Dometic CFX 75DZW powered cooler. It's a fridge and a freezer with two separate zones and a huge capacity.


Dometic CFX 95DZW Powered Cooler

As the largest dual-zone model in the CFX range, the Dometic CFX 95DZW powered cooler brings a fridge and freezer with you for long trips or large group getaways in the backcountry.


Dometic CFXIC35 Insulated Cover for CFX 35W Cooler

Improve the cooling efficiency and reduce power usage of your powered CFX 35W cooler by wrapping it in the Dometic CFXIC35 Insulated Cover when the mercury rises.


Dometic CFXIC40 Insulated Cover for CFX 40W Cooler

Keep your food cold as the mercury rises with the Dometic CFXIC40 Insulated Cover for your CFX 40W cooler. It improves cooling efficiency and reduces power usage in high ambient temperatures.


Dometic CFXIC50 Insulated Cover for CFX 50W Cooler

Don't worry about letting out the chill. The Dometic CFXIC50 insulated cover for your CFX 50W cooler reduces energy usage and improves cooling efficiency of your powered cooler when the weather's hot.


Dometic CFXIC65 Insulated Cover for CFX 65W Cooler

Grab a cold drink when you need it most thanks to the Dometic CFXIC65 insulated cover for your CFX 65W cooler. It improves cooling efficiency and reduces power usage in high ambient temperatures.