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Coast G20 Pen Light

Store the Coast G20 pen light in your shirt pocket, pants pocket or a tool bag and pull it out to light up your up-close surroundings wherever you need some illumination.


Coast G32 Flashlight

Don't let the slender, pocket-friendly shape of the Coast G32 flashlight fool you. It offers powerful performance to light your way on all kinds of outdoor adventures.


Coast G55 Flashlight

A workhorse for daily use when you need illumination at a variety of distances, the compact Coast G55 flashlight harnesses the performance of Pure Beam optics and easy twist focus.


Coast G70 Flashlight

Harnessing Pure Beam optics and twist focus, the Coast G70 flashlight is a workhorse for daily use when you need illumination at a variety of distances.


Coast HX4 LED C.O.B. Cliplight

An ideal dual-color light for everyday use, the Coast HX4 LED C.O.B. Cliplight combines white and red LEDs for bright illumination or in situations where you need to preserve your night vision.


Coast HX5R Flashlight

With its impact- and water-resistant design and virtually unbreakable LED, the USB-rechargeable Coast HX5R flashlight is up to the task of illuminating your outdoor adventures in any weather.


Coast Polysteel 400R Rechargeable Flashlight

Options are good, especially when options are limited. The Coast Polysteel 400R LED flashlight's Dual Power system runs on either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or regular alkaline batteries.