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Clif Energy Bar

It's the first bar Clif Bar ever made and it's still as great as ever. Whole, organic ingredients and a great taste power you through long bike rides and all-day hikes.


Clif Energy Granola - 5 Servings

Inspired by your favorite Clif Bar flavors, Clif Energy Granola is loaded with hearty clusters of oats, nuts and dried fruit to deliver sustained energy for adventures big and small.


Clif Fruit Smoothie Filled Energy Bar

Enjoy your favorite smoothie flavors on the go and on the trail with Clif Fruit Smoothie Filled energy bars. A blend of creamy nut butters and tangy fruits adds a burst of flavor to every bite.


Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars

The Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars satisfy your taste buds and your muscles with a delicious, creamy nut butter center tucked inside an organic energy bar.


Clif Shot Bloks Fastpak

Add variety to your performance food regimen with the great-tasting Clif Shot Bloks Fastpak. A great complement to gels and bars, Bloks help you keep up your energy and intensity.


Clif Shot Energy Gel

The new and improved Clif Shot energy gel features more electrolytes and a thinner consistency to help you get energized between breaths.


Clif Sweet & Salty Energy Bar

Fuel up before or during your adventure with classic on-the-move nutrition. Clif Sweet & Salty energy bars have a savory finish in every bite, giving you sustained energy with a delicious taste.


Clif Whole Lotta Snack Bar

Packed with a whole lotta flavor and organic goodness, Clif Whole Lotta soft-baked protein bars start with fruit, nuts and seeds and finish with a gluten-free protein bounty.