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Bonk Breaker Energy Chews

With 2 servings per pouch, Bonk Breaker Energy Chews give you a blast of energy. Caffeine from white tea recharges your fuel tank with clean, easy digestible and great-tasting non-GMO fuel.


Bonk Breaker Premium Protein Bar

Beat the dreaded bonk or recover post-workout with the Bonk Breaker Premium Protein Bar. Its proprietary blend of collagen and grass-fed whey protein offers handy fuel for any adventure.


Bonk Breaker Salted Caramel Energy Bar

Bonk Breaker Salted Caramel Energy Bar

Stay fueled and keep your hunger in check while on the trails. With this all-natural energy bar, real ingredients deliver a delicious, gluten-free combination of protein and electrolytes. Whether you