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Bee's Wrap Lunch Pack - Bees and Bears Print

Package your whole lunch with this reusable, lightweight Lunch Pack from Bee's Wrap. It comes with a sandwich wrap and 2 medium wraps for other snacks, all in a fun Bees & Bears print.


Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap - Honeycomb Print

Tote your sandwich without a lick of plastic. The Bee's Wrap Sandwich wrap in Honeycomb print keeps your lunch protected and then functions like a placemat or plate at your destination.


Bee's Wrap Set of 3 Wraps (Small, Medium, Large) - Honeycomb Print

Store bread, cheese and vegetables, or cover a bowl to keep food fresh-without using a lick of plastic. The Bee's Wrap set of 3 wraps in Honeycomb print does it all with small, medium and large wraps.