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Bear Bones Bowl Mama

Bear Bones Bowl Mama

Single Baby Bear Bowl with no paracord. When size and weight is the most important to you this Bear Bowl is the Bare Bones option for you. The deceptively small 4 inch cube will hold 32oz of water (nearly a 1 liter). Bear Minimum's Bear Bowls are designed...


Bear Bowl Blue Papa

Bear Bowl Blue Papa

The 32oz Bear Bowl is Bear Minimum's original. The one that started it all. You'll be the hit of the campground with your Paracord covered Bear Bowl. With nearly 12 feet of Paracord, you have literally thousands of options for survival and general purpose...


Bear Minimum Baby Bear Bowl with Paracord Handle

Meet the cook pot that folds flat, and comes with handy paracord to boot. The Bear Minimum Baby Bear bowl with paracord handle is versatile and portable for enjoying a warm meal on the trail.


Bear Minimum Family Pack Bear Bowls - Set of 3

Too small, too big or just right? For those who want it all, the Family Pack Bear Bowls from Bear Minimum offer up a variety of cooking capacities and all fold down to a compact, portable size.


Bear Minimum Mama Bear Bowl with Paracord Handle

Compact and versatile, the Bear Minimum Mama Bear bowl with paracord handle has almost 2 liters of capacity yet folds down to a pocket-sized rectangle when you finish cooking and cleaning up.


Bear Minimum Papa Bear Bowl with Paracord Handle

Delivering a gallon of capacity when assembled and folding flat when not in use, the Bear Minimum Papa Bear bowl with paracord handle functions as a bowl, cook pot, sink and more.