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Adventure Medical Kits (21 to 30 of 130)


Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic II

This compact kit contains everything you need to care for blisters on the trail.


Adventure Medical Kits Burn Treatment First-Aid Kit Refill

Make sure you have the supplies you need to treat a burn by re-stocking your first aid kit with the Adventure Medical Kits burn treatment refill featuring soothing gel and burn-free dressings.


Adventure Medical Kits Cohesive 2" Wrap First-Aid Kit Refill

Have just what you need to treat wounds, sprains and strains on the go by adding the Adventure Medical Kits Cohesive wrap refill to your travel or hiking first-aid kit.


Adventure Medical Kits CPR Face Shield First-Aid Kit Refill

Safely administer CPR while protecting yourself and the other person when you stow the Adventure Medical Kits CPR face shield refill in your adventure first-aid kit.


Adventure Medical Kits C-Splint

Adventure Medical Kits C-Splint

The C-Splint is a pliable thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam which becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. Features: Can be shaped/cut to fit any extremity Can be used...


Adventure Medical Kits Custom First Aid Kit

The Adventure Medical Kits Custom kit is the perfect solution for the outdoor adventurer who wants to build their own individualized kit from the ground up.


Adventure Medical Kits Dressings and Bandages First-Aid Kit Refill

Always have the proper bandages and dressing to treat your wounds by stocking your adventure first-aid kit with the Adventure Medical Kits dressings and bandages refill.


Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care All Purpose First Aid Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care All Purpose First Aid Kit

The All Purpose First Aid Kit is a one-stop solution to just about any first aid scenario, from backyard cuts and scrapes to a sprained ankle on the soccer field. WIth the Easy Care organization system, all the supplies are packed into injury-specific...


Adventure Medical Kits Electrolyte Tablets First-Aid Kit Refill

Keep your body functioning at its best even during the longest outdoor adventures with the help of the Adventure Medical Kits electrolyte tablets refill.


Adventure Medical Kits First Aid And Emergency: Dental Medic

Adventure Medical Kits First Aid And Emergency: Dental Medic

Nothing brings a person to his or her knees like a dental emergency - be it an infection, a lost filling, or fractured tooth. The Dental Medic contains the essentials for treating dental pain and injury when a dentist isn't available, from basic supplies...